29 Sep. 2020

deTOUJOURS x Premiere Classe: artisanal expertise is part of fashion’s heritage


deTOUJOURS is a gallery-boutique promoting the history of iconic fashion pieces

A year after the launch of IMPACT and at a time when sustainability has become a moral obligation, Premiere Classe introduces Isabelle Crampes as a special guest specialising in artisanal expertise and sustainable fashion. She will present a selection of pieces that have come to define the heritage of French fashion.

Isabelle Crampes is the General Curator of the VETEMENTS MODELES exhibition at MUCEM, and founder of deTOUJOURS.com. Championing artisanal expertise and sustainable fashion, she showcases a selection of iconic fashion pieces produced by specialised manufacturers, originally to serve a range of purposes, including for various professions and sports.

“Historically, many great designers have taken their inspiration from a range of functional styles: knights, princesses, working clothes, monastic minimalism, the military, sailors, cricketers, rowers. For a long time, we have been wearing and reinterpreting these pieces without ever getting bored. » Explains Isabelle Crampes, founder of deTOUJOURS.

Isabelle’s concept makes it possible to offer a year-round collection, across all seasons, and to share the history of these pieces: their origins; their progress in society; how they have become an iconic symbol of fashion.

deTOUJOURS aims to put specialised designers in the spotlight, return to the style’s original source and preserve the quality of long-lasting, unique creations. Each piece is practical, sturdy and often carries connotations to authentic costumes, uniforms, workwear or sports clothes.

Isabelle Crampes’ work promoting the history of iconic French fashion pieces brings together a selection of original, authentic pieces that highlight regional know-how paired with universal resonance. As a result, Isabelle encourages an evolution towards more simplistic and sustainable consumption without losing the key element of luxury.

deTOUJOURS is offering a way to support these varied sectors through both its online shop, which ships internationally, and a curation of pieces for the Ministry of Culture’s museum, which is now accessible with the support of WSN’s Première Classe.

The deTOUJOURS exhibition space is a representation of the work done online by Isabelle Crampes centred around a selection of iconic designs that have inspired her work as the General Curator of the exhibition VETEMENTS MODELES at the MUCEM museum. The secrets of how such pieces have become so timeless will be revealed: how does the silhouette of the design link to its original purpose? Who first wore the style and how did it evolve to fit the purpose for which it is today used? What artists, avant-garde figures or social trends have helped to transform the way the design is worn?

Premiere Classe is proud to be dressing its welcome staff with deTOUJOURS - In authentic, traditional Swedish clogs - In nun-style robes coming all the way from Rome - In mesh work vests

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