25 Sep. 2020

Premiere Classe x Tafmag


From 2nd to 4th October in the Jardin des Tuileries and in collaboration with the artistic agency Tafmag, Premiere Classe will be showcasing a selection of contemporary artists that open the imagination to different perspectives of the world with photographs by Thibault Brunet, Valentin Fougeray and Robert Overweg.

For our latest edition of Premiere Classe from 2nd to 4th October, Tafmag has selected 3 artists for an exhibition related to our theme for this season, ANTIPIXELS. The number of pixels indicates the quality of an image. In this age when everything is digital and flawless, and retouching has become the norm, Robert Overweg, Thibault Brunet and Valentin Fougeray transport us to their pixelated worlds where information has become blurred.

These are parallel universes: universes that uber-digitalisation, a common feature of our and future generations, encourage us to discover since we are constantly surrounded by it. Whether through video games, satellite-based apps or "real life" raw materials, everything is a source of inspiration for these 3 artists who are questioning the limits of the virtual world: does it even exist? Or have we succeeded in creating a parallel universe where our imaginations have no limits?

The Arts Factory Magazine – known affectionately as Tafmag – is an online culture magazine that has been an inexhaustible creative hub for our generation since 2013. The exhibition is being co-produced by “Le Lab by Tafmag”, the magazine’s events, artistic direction and PR agency. From music, photography and illustration to painting and fashion, Tafmag chooses to showcase all the best artists. The artistic projects included in the magazine are colourful; sometimes fun and light-hearted and sometimes deep and current. Above all, Tafmag’s content is resolutely powerful and essential to understanding the world in the 21st century.

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